The Unexpected Joys of Freelancing

Before going freelance, I'd heard more about horror stories and people's stressful experiences than I had about the good times. And wow, there are plenty. From more time with my cat to the freedom to do what I want, when I want, here are some of the things I love about freelance life.

Featured on BBC Radio WM's Wake Up West Midlands segment with Elise Evans.

Time well spent talking to my cat,
and no-one to say, ‘don’t do this or that’.
A gloriously stress-free morning commute
from bed to desk – it’s not a bad route.
I don’t have the ‘Sunday scaries’ or Monday blues
and I can structure my days however I choose.
I can fit in the dentist and other life admin,
boogie on the landing for each new client win.
Wear comfy clobber and go make-up free,
unafraid of judgement because hey – it’s just me!
I’m discovering skills I didn’t know I had,
subcontracting where I’m neither good nor bad.
Doing only the work that I love the most,
occasionally remembering to go on LinkedIn and post.
Every day’s different – they call that variety, 
is this feeling adrenaline or high functioning anxiety?
It’s plate-spinning, task-juggling
creative block muddling
loving the total autonomy
and the world’s best online community.
I’m finding my feet in a baptism of fire,
just giving it a go – got to love a trier.
I’m taking nothing for granted
and saying yes to every chance, 
I’m leaning into the joy 
that comes with being freelance.