The M42

Some call The M42 a smart motorway that connects Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to just south west of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. I call it a bloody nightmare...

Music’s blaring,
cows are staring.
Minding their business.
while I’m sat in this. 
Just an ordinary day,
stuck on the motorway.
I’m on the M42,
what about you?

Traffic trickles,
moves a likke.
I think about food,
that improves my mood.
Just another day,
stuck on the motorway.
I’m on the M42, 
What about you?

The morning commute,
a love hate route.
I see the sun rise
and my sat nav lies.
I dance to my tunes,
I look like a loon.
I’m in my own bubble and…
the journey’s just doubled.
It’s an ordinary day,
and, did I already say?
I’m stuck on the M42,
where the hell are you?!