So what?

An ode to wonky teeth, cringey dancing, just about edible meals and unbrushed hair. Imperfection, at its finest.

So what if your teeth aren’t quite straight?
And that meal you cooked – well, it doesn’t look great.
You’ve got tiny little wrinkles under your eyes
and you still haven’t won a literary prize.
You sing in your car and it’s a bit off-key,
you dance in your bedroom – best not go on Strictly.
You try desperately hard but your eyeliner won’t flick,
you eat healthy food and it makes you feel sick.
Your sheets are crumpled and your hair’s untamed,
but none of these are reasons to feel ashamed.
There’s no harm in trying, giving life your best shot.
Because if it all goes tits up, just say – so what?