It all starts with a chat

No-one likes wading through waffle and if I’m going to write copy that truly packs a punch, I’ll need to get to the heart of what your business offers. I’ll also help establish exactly what you want your words to achieve. My research process is thorough, so don’t be alarmed if I throw a few curveball questions your way. It’s all so that I can get cracking and you can focus on running your business.

The end result

I’ll provide you with copy that’s considered, charismatic and brings your story to life. It’ll dance off the page, direct the reader to the right places and leave them with a lasting impression. From SEO optimised web copy to press releases written just the way the journos like them, everything I write will be tailored to the channel it's being published on and proofread within an inch of its life.


Emails and email newsletters – If you’re anything like me, you hate emails clogging up your inbox. I often go for the mass delete approach. So, how do you get people to even open yours, then read its contents and take the desired action? It’s all about a truly irresistible subject line, followed by snappy body copy that hones in on their motivations and pain points. Let’s get started.

SEO web copy – It’s time to make your website work harder and I’ll do so by writing relevant copy that speaks directly to your target audience’s motivations and pain points (the things keeping them up at 3am). That’s not all – I’ll use on-page SEO to rocket you up the search rankings on Google, with the aim of increasing organic traffic and conversions.



Blog posts – Well-written and highly relevant blogs can do wonders for building your online presence and connecting with your audience. Not sure where to start? I’ll help you identify content pillars – the topics you want to consistently discuss – as well as build an editorial calendar and of course, write the blogs themselves. Plus, I’ll use blogs to help inform your SEO strategy and get you found on Google.


Articles – From thought leadership pieces to go in a prestigious industry publication, to inspiring advertorials that will sit in your audience's favourite magazine, I'll craft a well-informed, must-read article.


Press releases – Read all about it! This is your big chance to get your product or service that all-important press coverage, whether it’s on the radio, in your local paper or in a national publication. From finding the angle that makes your story newsworthy to writing an attention-grabbing headline and meaningful quotes, I’ll find the words that get the journalists talking.

Social media – Need ideas for a new series of posts? Struggling to write captions that generate likes, comments and shares? Through witty and captivating copy, I’ll communicate your brand’s key messages and demonstrate the value your audience will get from following you.



Print ads – While digital advertising has a whole host of benefits, print cuts through the noise in a way that digital can’t. Slower and more deliberate, paper-based reading lets customers fully take in your story without being bombarded by links and calls to action.


Leaflets, brochures and posters – That brochure lying on the coffee table could just lead to your next sale. That’s why all its contents need to stir up emotion and get customers glued to the page, which I’ll do by combining classic marketing methods with persuasive copywriting techniques. 

Point of sale – Walk into any shop and you’re greeted by an endless array of marketing materials designed to move products off the shelves. I’ll entice your customers further through on brand strategically placed items such as tag cards, shelf wobblers, till point signage and window banners.



Value propositions – You know what makes your business special, but does your customer? If not, you’ll benefit from a solid value proposition that gets to the heart of your offering and explains the benefit of choosing you over a competitor. 


Tone of voice – The way we speak says a lot about us. After all, it’s how we form relationships and learn to trust people. I’ll work with you to create a style for your communications and show you how to stick to this with specific tone of voice guidelines.

Radio ads – Radio is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to get your brand in front of a localised audience. I’ll ensure the script for your ad packs a punch and strikes the perfect balance between creativity and relevance. It’s more than just the words though. I’ll consider all aspects like voice acting and sound design, as well as direction that can be given to the producer.

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