Punch Yourself in the Face

Young People First | OOH

We wanted to get people talking about Young People First, a Warwickshire charity hoping to catch at-risk young people before they fall. Generally, people seemed not to have much awareness of their work or even of the situation these young people find themselves in. Our task was to grab attention for the charity on a low budget and demonstrate exactly what it does.

Our solution was to create a series of spoof posters with street artist, Foka Wolf, illustrating how some young people might resort to desperate measures in order to survive. Each poster had a phone number that went through to answer message providing details about the charity.

Love getting high__edited.jpg
Ambient YPF.jpg

Copywriters: Sarah Mullaney and Foka Wolf
Art Directors: Foka Wolf and Max Bale
Creative Directors: Michael Vines and Mark Padfield
Photographer and Videographer: Morgan Tedd

PR: Natalie Gribben and Rebecca Williams