Poetry for
Lockdown Upload


As part of Lockdown Upload, the BBC challenged creatives to send their work in to their local station to help connect with and entertain the millions of people staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was delighted that my poem Thursday at Eight, a piece dedicated to the UK's incredible NHS, care workers and key workers, was featured on BBC WM’s Upload Hour. One week later, the poem was played again as part of the station’s Clap for Carers segment. According to figures from the BBC Upload team, BBC WM attracts approximately 166,000 listeners a week.

Thursday at Eight

The highlight of the week is Thursday at eight
where we stand proud on our doorsteps, not a minute late.
A rare moment where we emerge from isolation
to support the NHS, together as a nation.
So let's make some noise and clap our hands,
we'll whoop and cheer, bang pots and pans.
Hear car horns beep and fireworks blast
and do everything we can to make this moment last.
We'll look around and see pictures of rainbows, 
think of Colonel Tom Moore and our everyday heroes.
We'll get people of all ages causing a commotion
to thank all the key workers for their selfless devotion.
So let's stand together in solidarity
and thank the bravest members of our society.
They sacrifice their lives for me and you
and clapping on a Thursday is the least we can do.

Sarah Mullaney

Instagram – @shesawriterblog