It's Who I Am

Fantasie Lingerie | Integrated Campaign

We wanted to bring Fantasie’s refreshed brand positioning, It’s Who I Am, to life with an authentic and compelling campaign. It’s Who I Am looked to change how Gen X women were portrayed and came after insights revealed almost 70% of females 45 years and over said they felt ignored by the high street (N Brown Group plc, The Midster Report) and only 1.9% of Gen X models were featured in SS18 ad campaigns (Fashion Spot – Diversity Report). I wrote copy to accompany video assets across Woman & Home and Marie Claire social channels, as well as social copy for Fantasie’s organic and paid channels. See results below.

Woman and Home results.jpg

Woman & Home videos – Delivered an additional 27,101 reach, which is 27.10% up versus the booked guaranteed reach of 100,000 users. They had an engagement rate of 9.46%, which even further exceeds the benchmark engagement rate of 0.5–1% for social activity.

Marie Claire social results.jpg

Marie Claire videos – These delivered an additional 25,190 reach, which is 25.19% up versus the booked guaranteed reach of 100,000 users. The posts had an engagement rate of 7.97%, which hugely exceeds the benchmark engagement rate of 0.5% – 1% for social activity. The campaign video was posted through the Marie Claire Facebook account, delivering 64,293 impressions and 31,708 video views – an additional 7.8% up versus the booked guaranteed amount of 29,412.

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Examples of organic social posts.

Organic social 2.jpg

Organic social results – The Fantasie website averaged at 50,000+ sessions a month between January and April, peaking in February at over 70,000. Organic social accounted for over 24,000 sessions to the site, 21,000 new users and 74 direct conversions.

Copywriter: Sarah Mullaney
Head of Insight: Joe Hepburn
Creative Director: Michael Vines

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