Digital content

Nowadays, it can feel like the world and his dog are producing digital content in one form or another. So, what makes mine stand out? The fact that it's purpose-led, with your audience and its desired next steps in mind. There's no creating for creation's sake with me. I'll work with you to write helpful, relevant copy that will delight your audience and gently guide individuals to the next stage in their buyer's lifecycle (e.g. from subscriber to lead, or qualified lead to customer).

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Blog posts

Well-written and highly relevant blogs can do wonders for building your online presence and connecting with your audience. Not sure where to start? I’ll help you identify content pillars – the topics you want to consistently discuss – as well as build an editorial calendar and of course, write the blogs themselves. Plus, I’ll use blogs to help inform your SEO strategy and get you found on Google.

Email marketing

If you’re anything like me, you hate emails clogging up your inbox. I often go for the mass delete approach. So, how do you get people to even open yours, then read its contents and take the desired action? It’s all about a truly irresistible subject line, followed by snappy body copy that hones in on their motivations and pain points. Let’s get started.

SEO optimised web copy

It’s time to make your website work harder and I’ll do so by writing relevant copy that speaks directly to your target audience’s motivations and pain points (the things keeping them up at 3am). That’s not all – I’ll use on-page SEO to rocket you up the search rankings on Google, with the aim of increasing organic traffic and conversions.

Social media marketing

Need ideas for a new series of posts? Struggling to write captions that generate likes, comments and shares? Through witty and captivating copy, I’ll communicate your brand’s key messages and demonstrate the value your audience will get from following you.


If you're looking to position yourself as a thought leader or expert in your field, whitepapers are a fantastic content marketing tool to showcase your knowledge. I'll ensure yours is packed full of useful information and written in a way that's authentic, engaging and sparks curiosity for your readers to find out more.

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