Copywriting & editorial

Just as colours and logos make a brand strong, so too does considered copy. It’s what creates a sense of reliability among consumers, helps them build that all-important emotional connection and ultimately convinces them to part with their money. I'll find the words that best tell your brand's story and get consumers excited to be a part of it.

Sarah Mullaney She's a Writer Copywriting and Editorial


From thought leadership pieces to go in a prestigious industry publication, to inspiring advertorials that will sit in your audience's favourite magazine, I'll craft a well-informed, must-read article.

Press releases

Read all about it! This is your big chance to get your product or service that all-important press coverage, whether it’s on the radio, in your local paper or in a national publication. From finding the angle that makes your story newsworthy to writing an attention-grabbing headline and meaningful quotes, I’ll find the words that get the journalists talking.

Print materials

While digital advertising has a whole host of benefits, print cuts through the noise in a way that digital can’t. Slower and more deliberate, paper-based reading lets customers fully take in your story without being bombarded by links and calls to action. Whether it's a leaflet, print ad, brochure or anything else, I'll combine classic marketing methodology with persuasive copywriting techniques to stir up emotion and get your audience glued to the page.

Proofreading and editing

So, you've been working on a marketing brochure for what feels like 100 years and now have the joyous task of proofreading it. The thing is, when you're so close to a project, it's easier to miss little mistakes. Why? Because your brain sees what it wants to see. That repeated 'and' or misspelt 'your' will inevitably go unnoticed. Pass the project over to me and I'll go through it with a fine toothed comb so it's error-free and ready to go.


Whatever channel they're written for, scripts all have one thing in common. They need to be attention-grabbing – otherwise people will switch off. Through wow-worthy copy that stops people in their tracks, I'll help you make the most of that 30-second radio spot or TV advert. But remember – a script is more than just words on the page. That's why I'll also consider things like voice acting and sound design, as well as direction that can be given to the producer.

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