Content strategy

Think of a content strategy as the foundation you need to offer more meaningful, targeted and better executed marketing. Yes, it's tempting to quickly put together a blog or social post so at least something is out there this week. But, you'll get more long-term value from that piece if it's informed by a strategy. For example – what business goal is your content geared towards achieving? Who are you trying to reach and what channels do they use? How are you going to position yourself with that audience? Here's how I'll help you answer these questions... 

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Buyer persona mapping

If you're keen to take a deep dive into your audience's behaviour so you can create more targeted, valuable content, you'll benefit from buyer persona mapping. Buyer personas are semi-fictional characters based on market research and real data about your existing and potential customers. I'll work with you to create multiple personas that will help inform a consistent and effective marketing strategy.

Content plans

It's easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to constantly produce high-level content for your audience – I know I worry about it with my own marketing! That's why you need a content plan. It give structure to everything you create, ensuring your marketing materials are always on-message and produced to help achieve one or more business goals.

Slogans and straplines

Just Do It. Because You're Worth It. Every Little Helps. A great slogan or strapline is worth its weight in gold because it does the selling-in for you. If done well, it helps the customer recall and develop a positive association with your brand. I'll write you a line that's clear, concise and above all else – memorable.

Tone of voice

The way we speak says a lot about us. After all, it’s how we form relationships and learn to trust people. I’ll work with you to create a style for your communications and show you how to stick to this with specific tone of voice guidelines.

Value propositions

You know what makes your business special, but does your customer? If not, you’ll benefit from a solid value proposition that gets to the heart of your offering and explains the benefit of choosing you over a competitor.

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